ProMarketing, Inc. (PMI)

PMI is a Motorola Authorized Value Added Distributor for Motorola two-way radios and accessories. We specialize and distribute the RM Series, RDX Series, DTR Series, DLR Series, CLS Series and CLPe Series. With more than 30 years of experience with Motorola, PMI is dedicated to achieving the highest level of marketing and distribution for our business partners.

PMI Corporate Team (Richfield, OH)

    Ron Stetler – CEO / Owner

    Sean Stetler – President of Sales and Marketing / Owner

    Cynde Stetler – President of Sales and Operations / Owner

    Damon Pallay - CFO

    Bernice Bilinovic – Customer Order Manager

    Donna Sikon – Client Service Manager

    Abby SIys – Technical Sales Specialist

    Dan Weyer – Account Representative

    Meighan Bohon - Account Representative

    Darci Cooper - Senior Analyst

    Wil.Com Associates - STAFDA Manufacturer Representative

    PMI East Team (Pine Brook, NJ)

    Ken Reitz – Vice President of PMI East

    Karen Mullen – Operations Manager

    Eric Kriete – Regional Sales Director

    Ryan Cumings - Account Representative

    Richard Antico - Channel Account Manager

    Keri Verhoest - Marketing Coordinator

    Brian Conboy - Manufacturer Representative (Upstate New York)