ProMarketing, Inc. (PMI)

PMI has over 30 years of experience distributing Motorola Solutions Two-Way Radios and Accessories. We currently service 14 states through 2 strategically located warehouses, one in Ohio and one in New Jersey.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and prompt product shipment.

For the time-sensitive orders, we offer both drop-ship and same day ship services. We value partners and always work towards a mutually profitable relationship...Together We Will Grow!

PMI Corporate Team (Richfield, OH)

    Ron Stetler – CEO / Owner

    Sean Stetler – President of Sales and Marketing / Owner

    Cynde Stetler – President of Sales and Operations / Owner

    Bernice Bilinovic – Customer Order Manager

    Donna Sikon – Client Service Manager

    Abby SIys – Technical Sales Specialist

    Dan Weyer – Account Representative

    Judy Stannard - Account Representative

    Darci Cooper - Senior Analyst

    Dale Kurcsak - Channel Account Manager

    Jason Bentley - Commercial Dealer and PCR Account Representative

    Wil.Com Associates - STAFDA Manufacturer Representative

    PMI East Team (Pine Brook, NJ)

    Ken Reitz – Vice President of PMI East

    Karen Mullen – Operations Manager

    Eric Kriete – Regional Sales Director

    Ryan Cumings - Account Representative

    Richard Antico - Channel Account Manager

    Keri Verhoest - Marketing Coordinator

    Brian Conboy - Manufacturer Representative (Upstate New York)