About Us

PMI is a Motorola Authorized Marketing Development Distributor for Motorola business two-way radios and accessories. We specialize and distribute the RM Series, RDX Series, DTR Series, DLR Series, CLS Series and CLP Series. PMI has over 25 years of experience with Motorola and is dedicated to achieving the highest level of marketing and distribution for our business partners. PMI--Together We Will Grow!

PMI Team

Ron Stetler - Owner / President

Sean Stetler - Sales and Marketing

Cynde Stetler - Sales and Marketing

Bernice Bilinovic - Customer Order Management

Donna Silkon - Professional Administrative Associate

Caleb Boone - E-Commerce/Sourcing Manager

Andrew Wilson - Outside Sales Representative

Abby Slys - Inside Sales Associate

Wil.Com Associates - STAFDA Manufacturer Representative

ProMarketing Inc.

Phone: 330-659-6333 Toll Free: 800-215-5160 Email: pmi@pmiradios.com