CAT® S61 Smartphone

Bigger. Better. Bolder.

Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Use the integrated thermal imaging camera of the Cat S61 to monitor and diagnose problems more quickly and save time on site.
  • Locate a heat source up to 400°C, even in complete darkness, and diagnose damp, draught, leak, a short or blockages.
  • Just tap the MyFLIR app on the device to get started.
Laser-assisted Distance Measure
  • Measure distances and area using the Measure app on the Cat S61.
  • Safely document measurements and record the layout of an area all in one screen, helping to make work estimates quicker and easier.
  • Tap the Measure app on the device to get going.
Indoor Air Quality Monitor
  • The handy Air app measures the quality of the air you are working in when indoors.
  • It will alert you to unhealthy levels of indoor air pollutants, like paints and solvents,
    and provides temperature and humidity readings.

CAT® S61 Smartphone Spec Sheet

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